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Winning a Blick Art Challenge

So, I entered one of those Dick Blick competitions where you can win $500 in art supplies. I'm happy to say that I won and am looking forward to test driving that big set of colored pencils, as well as the Yupo paper that are part of the prize!

Thanks to the jurors for choosing my painting (below) and for writing such a flattering description of it (below image):

"Audience of Water Towers" - acrylic on panel

""Audience of Water Towers" was a favorite because of Steve Dininno's extremely effective use of atmospheric perspective, which, along with a smartly considered color palette, lends the image a highly evocative mood. The color choice is fairly simple, and yet the wonderfully textural way in which the acrylic has been layered creates a tremendous deal of nuance and range, and so the painting feels fully fleshed-out even though it's quite subtle and muted."

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