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Lecture/Demo at Emory University

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

I can't think of too many things I enjoy more than talking about prints, except making prints. Well, I got to do both this past Tuesday when I gave the second of two lectures and demonstrations on non-toxic printmaking at Emory University in Atlanta GA. Non-toxic means: no acid, no solvents and no oil-based inks. Instead, we used Akua soy-based inks with soap and water or baby oil for clean-up…really easy on the vital organs! The first lecture was last week (Tuesday 9/27) and focused on creating monotypes. The second focused on drypoint, roulette and related techniques. For me, the highlight of doing these kinds of lectures/demos and workshops is watching a first time printmaker go from indifference or mild interest to total enthusiasm upon seeing his or her first proof!

This was my second year doing this at Emory. Thanks to Professor Linda Armstrong for inviting me back!

"Cafe II" - monotype using Akua ink

"Crosswalk" - drypoint using Akua ink

"Crosswalk" - drypoint using Akua ink

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